Introducing Lexis® Smart Human Capital 

Offering bespoke content, LexisNexis Smart Human Capital provides HR practitioners with a means of resolving modern workforce challenges efficiently.  The solution employs a combination of digitalization and automation to help HR professionals manage their workload.

Set up proper processes and policies for your organization with ease.

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There are three exclusive key pillars to Lexis Smart Human Capital. The software applies a combination of digitalization and automation to empower HR professionals and dramatically improve efficiency.

Lexis® Smart Documents

Exclusive to LexisNexis, our game-changing Lexis Smart Documents will enable you to create and draft customised HR Documents with ease.

Expert Guidance

LexisNexis has developed an accessible, curated set of guidance tools and content that offers real value to HR professionals of all experience levels.

CCMA Cases

LexisNexis offers the largest online range of CCMA Cases available in, putting the latest developments in labour at your fingertips.

Table of Contents

  1.  Full set of the Labour Law Legislation
  2.   Recruitment
  3.   Conditions of Employment
  4.   Policies and Practices
  5.   Employment Equity
  6.   Skills Development and Skills Development Levies
  7.   Health and Safety
  8.   Compensation for Occupational Injuries
  9.   Protection of Personal Information
  10.   Dispute resolution
  11.   Discipline and Dismissal
  12.   CCMA

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