As a market-leading brand, LexisNexis keeps professionals informed and confident in their compliance during times of uncertainty.  In local governance, having precise knowledge is not just helpful; it is essential.

Section 11(3)(a) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 makes it clear: “A municipality exercises its legislative or executive authority by implementing applicable national and provincial legislation and its by-laws.” We have just the solution to help you easily fulfil this role.

Local Government Library 2023 Edition
Format: Pocketbook* Box Set
21 pocket sized books* housed in an easy to carry compact box

Tailored for those dedicated to informed public service, our collection of 21 pocket-sized books highlights key local government statutes and comes complete in a handy carry case.

Customised Local Government Library Sets
When you order 50 or more sets, you qualify for our branded option. We will customise both the box and the pocketbook covers to suit your needs.

Looking for an online solution?

LEXIS LIBRARY (mylexisnexis)
Lexis Library’s Local Government Legislation is a comprehensive collection of municipal by-laws, policies, rules and tariffs for all metropolitan, district and local municipalities. It includes repealed legislation and the legislation of former municipalities. Lexis Library will keep you updated on new releases and legislative developments with its current content.

Updated daily, it is accessible to browse, grouped alphabetically by type of by-law or by province and municipality. There are over 350 types of by-laws listed alphabetically for more efficient navigation. Available to purchase individually by province or as packages of 2 or all 9 provinces. Lexis Library offers advanced search and other functionality.

GATEWAY SITE (Internal Intranet Knowledge Hub).
Does your team need access to the latest legislative changes?  Is your municipality determined to make sure budgets are completed correctly and on time?  Does a member of the public need access to the latest by-laws?  Your entity needs a LexisNexis Gateway site.

Powered by Lexis Library and available online, a LexisNexis Gateway Site offers seamless access to always up-to-date and incorporated legislation, regulatory materials, awards, and relevant documents, elevating the value of your website content and ensuring true access to the law in the most cost-effective manner.

1.  Metro Municipality Solution (Category A Municipalities), including municipal by-laws
2. District Municipality Solution (Category C Municipalities), including district and local municipal by-
3. Local Municipality Solution (Category B Municipalities), including local municipal by-laws
4. Provincial Solution, including all municipal by-laws for the Province.
5. National Solution, including South African by-laws for all Municipalities nationwide.

Selected Acts available online on your website
Let us assist you by ensuring your By Laws are available on your website and open to the public.

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