Accountancy SA (ASA) Digi-Mag

ASA Digi-Mag is emailed on the first day of every month and is sent to 60 000 accounting professionals (LSM10 readers).

Our certified ABC readership figure is 57 916 per issue.

Target Audience
SAICA Members: CEO’s, CFO’s, MD’s, Boards of Directors, General Managers, Senior Level Managers, CA’s (SA), Associate Accounting Technicians, Associate General Accountants, Auditors, Payroll Managers and Officers, Trainees, Prospective CA’s, Thuthuka

Reasons to advertise in ASA:

  • Our audience forms one of the most lucrative market segments in South Africa. They often have remuneration packages in excess of R1.5 million per annum.
  • That’s not only where their wealth lies: 72% also own unit trusts, 38% own them off shore and 21% have more than one home.
  • This captive market has the highest professional and personal buying power in the country.
  • CAs(SA) approximate spending per annum on business-related purchases and leasing is over R150 billion.
  • The CA(SA) is the highest paid designation in the country as per the Robert Walters recruitment salary survey.